Jan 6 (Thurs.) 12pm 

Clinic: Teaching College-Level Songwriting Class--Jazz Standards as Examples

Annual Jazz Education Network Conference

Room: Cumberland I-J, Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX

Jan 23 (Sun.) 2pm 

Virtual Workshop: Transcribing Orchestral and Piano Works to the Organ@ZOOM

Performances pre-recorded at Church of Most Holy Rosary, Syracuse NY

Hosted by American Guild of Organists Syracuse Chapter.

March 10 (Thurs.) 7:30pm 

Mass of Reconciliation

Feat. Peppie Calvar (conductor) and Hendrick's Chapel Choir

Hendrick's Chapel, Syracuse University

April 5 (Tues.) 7:30pm 

French Salon Music and Jazz

Feat. Chia-Wei Lee (Bartone), Holly Ling Hang (Clarinet)

Ruth Taylor Recital Hall, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

June 1 (Wed.) 12pm 

Lunchtime Organ Series@Epsilon Spires

190 Main St, Brattleboro, VT